Nokia Lumia 636 8GB 4G (Black) Review from + RANTZ + Feb Haulz

Lazada (dot) com (dot) Ph.

Everyone knows LAZADA.It’s the raaave (at least here in the Philippines & other Asian countries.).If you’re a “pinoy” and you have no idea of what this shit is about, you’re probably an alien.No, not the huge forehead, bug eyed intellects, but you know what I mean (No?, sucks).Just kidding.

From tiny bottles of cosmetics & beauty products, tools, books, foods (yeah even foods.), appliances, artsy stuff, electronic gadgets, computer sets, to cabinets & portable stuffs, storage racks, sometimes hard to find items et al.THEY HAVE IT all for you! (So SM you have a twin now.)

I have a love hate relationship with LAZADA though.I’m a fan of Lazada, I purchased random stuffs (that I NEED) for months from their site and (not bragging, just stating) I purchase either every week or every two weeks and or several days in a week (if they have a “sale”) You see, it’s a DREAM, for me & LBC.Lazada delivers cleverly crafted items, to aid me with my daily, earthly EXISTENCE.I cannot explain the inner joy & excitement whenever I hear that man screaming his lungs out, ” LBC! LAZADA! tao po! *tug *tug*tug!* “.I abso-fokkeng-lutely LOVE it.

But, on some occasions though, they also send either of the FF.:  wrong items, damaged items, products that are not as advertised and just RECENTLY, a FAKE & DEFECTIVE item advertised as , “100% genuine/authentic product” on their site.I have lots of “story time” to tell (Fake Kirkland Vitamin C , Sparking/Burning Popcorn Maker anyone?!) but it’s out of scope at the moment.So, I felt “major,major” ripped off .Disappointed.I waited for this item for 2 effin weeks for what? NOTHING.I needed this for the efficiency of my business and business can’t wait yo! It’s just too much hassle on my part.Eye HATE it *with an eye*.

The fake & totally DEFECTIVE item I am talking about is this.iw-132201642444961iw-132201642446778iw-132201642447754

The holy, guacamole, I present to thee…


This is what it looks like the moment I ripped the hell out of the courier’s plastic. taadaah! 🙂iw-132201642513736.jpg

THE DIRTY PACKAGING though.This stuff really looks like it’s an old stock, tampered, forgotten & neglected somewhere only the Mighty & Holy G knows where..


THE CHEAP LIKE, soft & squishy carton box made me question it’s authenticity a LOT too.

Other details (Back & Side) :iw-132201642449759iw-132201642450731

The phone and all it’s accessories.

All the stuff taken out from the box.


I bought this for 4k (but originally it’s 3,999.Who thinks 3,999 is 3k? lol bloody bollocks!) I have this coupon code I entered at checkout.So yay meh, I ended up PAYING, 3, 791.02Php instead.Which is a TOTAL STEAL for this type of phone.

W R O N G!!! *Incoming Nightmares*…

I ordered it on February 1, 2016.It arrived on February 12, 2016.4pm. -.-

Ideally, it must look like this when you push the phone’s ON button :

Damn! Just look at all those APPS!  *starry eyed Mehehehe*

Then, when reality sinks in:


Oh yes! Just like that, it doesn’t even blink.This “brand new”phone is completely FROZEN and USELESS! It’s so sad that it’s just the windows logo staring at my eyeballs! I stared back with this hate eye, to be fair you know.

I tried charging it.In fact while I’m typing it’s still charging.For 12+ hours already, whenever I open it, nothing new.Still it’s just this 4 tiny squares, logo I’m seeing.

I tried researching online & I ended up hard resetting, soft resetting but nothing appears even if you clicked the appropriate buttons to reset it.Utter bollocks.

I ended up FIXING my “brand new phone” to no avail so I packed it and throw it right there…swoooosh! into the TRASH CAN! The END.

Uh, nope.I’m actually lying 😀 What are you?! Who can afford to throw their 4k?! Not me nigga! So, I gathered, cleaned, put all of the phone related items inside it’s original box, all aligned, all proper.I filled up the RETURN FORM & hopefully they will accept it ’cause it still looks sellable as f.

For those who are wondering, here’s the link of the item from LAZADA:


This is the video I created regarding this little rant, so you can see the actual phone in all angles.

BUYER BEWARE!!! Online Shopping is a great feeling to the point it’s so addicting.I know very well ‘Cause I am of the same feather…But I am just concerned for you guys so I wrote this honest review.Every company has it’s own fault, that’s acceptable but you also have to be a keen & responsible buyer.It goes both ways.Pls. think twice, thrice & “frives” before buying electronic gadjets (and supplements & beauty products.) from their site.Most of them are “knock offs” & there’s a lot of good “dupes” too and are sold under the banner of 100% genuine or authentic product/s.Shout out to all businesses, small or big: “Pls. do not be or get greedy” (Don’t idolize, charging fees like you own Starbucks!).Stop SCAMMING innocent people when you got hundreds of thousands, even billions (from us) already.It’s better to say, that it’s CLASS A or a very good imitation of a product than to say it’s original only to disappoint the customers and feel so bad for spending their “hard earned”money for an absolute “JUNK”.Don’t fool your customers, It’s a  USELESS tactic, because customers will eventually know your tricks one day & from there, shitty things will happen and will earn you a very bad reputation.But maybe, you think you’re that bad ass enough that you can get away with it, then good for you.Just, GOODLUCK! oh your conscience, God Bless your SOUL & your overflowing karmic debts…

To sum it up, I WILL STILL BUY FROM LAZADA.Why? Because there are still so many, hundreds of good & honest merchants out there and awesome products too.It’s LAZADA’S FAULT, partly yes, but it’s not “ALL” their fault.You get it? Lazada is a great selling platform for hundreds of registered merchants here in the Philippines.I bought lots of amazing products from them.Not all are bad.Actually it’s more GOOD than bad and this is just one of the bad cases.I have positive reviews of Lazada as well.Lazada helped me, improved my life in many ways.Most of the time, it’s the merchant’s fault.Lazada is just the name to blame.You just cannot generalize a thought with just one or few slightly off occurrences.I still have faith in Lazada.In terms of years, they’re still a “baby business” anyway.All Businesses has it’s own flaws & faults too, It’s expected & as a buyer, I try to be an understanding person about it.Let’s just hope for positive actions from Lazada.I want a new “functioning” item or my 3k+ back.I’m already done packing it and filling their “RETURN FORM”.I’ll bring it either tomorrow or on Monday at LBC.Will blog updates of our transaction. 🙂

Meanwhile.Here are some items from the batch that I ordered together with the Nokia Lumia 363 8gb Phone.They are all awesome & working as expected (except for the limping lazypod.But I’m a DIYer so I’m able to fixed it a bit.).ENJOY!

All the goods from the haul batch.
Dual USB Drive 3.0 San Disk Ultra 32GB (For Computers & Smartphones)
Retractable slider.One end for phone, the other for computers.


Smartphone LED Flashlight (or much better, selfie light)


This AMAZING Contour pallet! ❤
Bad ass pigments.Glides smoothly.Perfect!


The lazy pod at the top. It’s not that durable 😦 but I fixed it & taking good care of it now.
The BACK of everything.


1. Nokia Lumia 636 8GB 4G :

2. Lazy Pod Mobile Holder:

3. 15 Color Corrector Concealer Palette:

4. Mobile LED “Selfie” Light:

5. SanDisk 32 GB Rectractable Dual Phone & Computer  USB Drive:


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